A Message in a Bottle, from the Dev Team

ReserveDAO in a nutshell 🥜

  • RSRV Protocol Owned Liquidity (“POL”) to provide rewards to eRSDL holders.
  • Whitelist Tier 1 will be legacy eRSDL and uneRSDL holders: Hodlers since May 1st, 2021 or earlier on a sliding scale to reward long-time Hodlers and pro-rata based on holding amount over that period.
  • Increases utility for eRSDL through bonding: First bonds will be uneRSDL bonds.
  • Liquidity will be used to support RL, RL+, RF, RB2B through direct supply or lines of credit.
  • A summary of how the DAO will be initially be proposed to support other classes:

ReserveDAO’s Treasury Will Support:

  • Buy a U.S.-Treasury chartered Bank or an equity interest in a Bank for the purpose of finding a host for ReserveLending+, ReserveFunding and RB2b.
  • Provide stronger incentives for unFederalReserve ecosystem participants via attractive eRSDL and RSRV Protocol Owned Liquidity tokenomics.
  • Provide more tokenomics options (Protocol Owned Liquidity), market levers and stability in times of market volatility for our ecosystem.
  • Maintain healthy liquidity, including short term liquidity needs for ReserveLending, ReserveFunding and the upcoming ReserveB2B.
  • Reduce any perceived risk from our TradFi partners via a strong Treasury liquidity budget for each product in times of market volatility or accelerated growth.
  • Provide greater liquidity reserves for ReserveFunding and RB2B launch bootstrapping, fostering accelerated growth in 2022.
  • We all know a bigger and cost-efficient “war chest” de-risks a startup’s ability to execute for larger and more traditional finance customers. We have received tons of feedback in the past few months and we are doing well in those discussions. We need to get to an even stronger position of market growth and expansion to meet the needs of our TradFi customers looking to bridge into DeFi.

Why ReserveDAO?

What will ReserveDAO look like?

ReserveDAO Landing Page Mockup

Do you want us to release the ReserveDAO proposal? Respond in the Twitter poll! ⬇️

ReserveDAO Twitter poll



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