Collateral Factor Vote Results


The votes are in! Thank you to all our holders who participated in the snapshot vote.

This vote is just one step in a multi-step process; whereby, the community, legal, engineering and product development work in parallel to provide insight as to what outcome the platform attribute changes could evoke. Our stakeholders and community members’ interests are paramount.

The community is the project.

Based on the insight achieved through these channels, we have concluded that in lieu of exposing existing borrowers to liquidation through a change in existing $eRSDL-backed loans’ collateral factor, we will execute a token deprecating process that preserves existing $eRSDL-backed borrowers’ positions. Deprecated technologies are technologies which have been replaced by newer technologies.

Token deprecation involves replacing the existing supply pool used to make loans with a new $eRSDL pool that is programmed with the desirable attributes. This implementation was selected given the limits of the original Compound code, and the results of our research found this option was the safest for the community. It is our belief that the community should not have the power to unilaterally decide to affect agreed-upon loans here or on any DeFI platform, unless all parties involved have the knowledge that participating on said platform may result in exposure to the risks associated with those changes.

The result will be a new $eRSDL supply pool with an adjusted collateral factor, which only pertains to new loans.

Relevant Links

The actual vote itself is available for view here:

Check out our new unFederalReserve Forum and please sign up today and take part in the conversations!

If you have questions about collateral factors or how they are related to ReserveLending, please see our medium post here:

Voting Results

The vote tally is as follows:

  • Scenario A received a total of 1.56bn uneRSDL*** and 931.81k eRSDL
  • Scenario B received a total of 137.36mn uneRSDL*** and 605.61k eRSDL
  • Scenario C received a total of 32.12mn uneRSDL*** and 495.11k eRSDL
    *** uneRSDL votes are calculated at a 1 eRSDL = 49.878 uneRSDL ratio

Within any crypto DeFI ecosystem, suppliers and borrowers are subject to numerous risks and uncertainties. While no one platform has a monopoly on how to mitigate these risks, it’s our belief that through team access, transparency and our commitment to provide a safe experience, you can better plan how to engage ReserveLending and our other products as they come onboard.

In accordance with putting the community first, the collateral factor adjustments will not impact current borrowers. We view this outcome as meeting our Five Key core principles as follows:

  • Safety — through good community discourse, voting, outside counsel opinions and thorough economic analysis;
  • Courtesy — to our community and those interested in the project via transparent communication;
  • Inclusivity by thinking about any impact to the stakeholders and the business;
  • Efficiency — we seek to close out the matter, align the levers to make a more efficient lending/borrowing platform; and
  • Show — of all the DeFi projects out there, ours is the most in line with the transparency that comes with traditional finance and other P2P options.

Please stay tuned to our official channels for all further updates on any changes. Advanced notice will be given before any implementation.

For additional information, please click the link to view ReserveLending’s terms of service:


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