Development unWrapped

December Edition, Part ✌🏽

🛳️Ahoy, eRSDL community members! 🛳️

We are excited (as always) to share our latest dev update, new features and customizations to our ship as we continue to build out our fleet. Here’s the most recent dev buzz at unFederalReserve — where we combine the best of both DeFi and CeFi worlds.

⚓Let’s begin, all aboard! ⚓

  • ReserveLending has been powering up its lending platform with new added features, advanced price options for single-sided staking on Uniswap, an increased collateral factor for $MATIC lenders, as well as some legal updates. 💪🏽
  • ReserveFunding will roll out new vaults for users and enable KYC integrations. ✅


We are currently working on simplifying the overview section of the dashboard to make it an even more user-centric application, especially with regard to optimized information display.

This will help users navigate with ease and will cater to different users: lenders and borrowers. You can likely expect these UX improvements to be live by our next development update.

Staking — Advanced Mode ⚡:

To explore more staking options, we are going to introduce an “Advanced Mode” feature in staking. Currently, our platform offers predefined price ranges for users participating in single-sided staking.

Going forward, in the “Advanced Mode” users will have more independence and flexibility with setting these price ranges based on the kinds of returns they would like to receive.
We are currently in testing mode all this week, in order to ensure there are no bugs and the quality is there. We anticipate this will be ready and visible next week, so be on the lookout, and you will most certainly see screenshots and its inclusion in the next dev update in two weeks.

Recently, ReserveLending was ranked among the Top 10 lending platforms for delivering high APY earnings. It is true! Users can now see their potential earnings for each pool. We are not kidding when we say we offer opportunities to earn higher APYs!

Check it out for yourself: Click on “Info” to view on Uniswap.

Not just that, users will have the option to view and compare potential earnings (APY) through a selected range in time (Past 7 days, 30 days or a year).

We have given you our word and we are definitely not going to fall back on it.

Previously on ReserveLending, the collateral factor (CF) was 0% on MATIC. Over the past quarter, there has been a gradual increase in $MATIC adoption and usage on ReserveLending.

Therefore, we are currently opening up borrowings with a collateral factor (CF) of 10% against supplied MATIC assets. The platform will now service loans to MATIC with the functionality for loan collateral i.e., and $MATIC lenders can now borrow against their supplied assets.

  • DeFi loan agreement — Bringing you the first-of-its-kind loan agreement in the DeFi industry, this contract will house all clauses legally binding between the lender and borrower in a P2P loan agreement. We are proud to announce that given the covenants and provisions of this agreement,we will be moving one step closer in overcoming challenges and being the best, compliant platform for all our users.
  • T&Cs — After a user connects their wallet to ReserveLending via , they will notice a “Terms and Conditions” pop up. As you scroll down, you can now proceed to use the platform only after clicking “Accept and Continue”.

This means you have deemed to have read them before interacting with the platform.

Terms and Conditions now on ReserveLending


Do you still want to invest in traditional, alternative investments? But using crypto? There’s no better way to diversify your portfolio!

Join the waitlist for ReserveFunding.

Here’s how: Sign-up on →

KYC from a regulatory standpoint is a fundamental component to bring about compliance in the DeFi world too. We are continuing our work on API integration with Securitize to include a fast and efficient process for KYC verification. In the coming days, users can start their identity verification for a seamless investor experience on ReserveFunding.

We are designing and introducing a classification of vaults. Users will be able to manage their digital assets with flexible investing options. Based on their categories of interest, investors can identify which DeFi vault they would like to whitelist themselves under. Stay tuned as we introduce exciting new offerings and investments for users based on their vault selection.

🏁 That is a wrap for this week, sailors! 🚢 🌊
The updates are under different phases — some live, some in testing and some still in the pipeline phase. Nevertheless, we thought we should share every tiny bit of progress with y’all!

To get involved and stay updated on all the news:


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‘Credit vs Cash’ spot market fintech using blockchain protocols. Great liquidity access. Instantaneous settlement. $ersdl #DeFI #middlemarketdefi #uniswap

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‘Credit vs Cash’ spot market fintech using blockchain protocols. Great liquidity access. Instantaneous settlement. $ersdl #DeFI #middlemarketdefi #uniswap

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