Development Update: August 9th, 2021

Courtesy of @Shinethelite

August 9, 2021: Lots of exciting new developments happening at unFederalReserve

Dear eRSDL community members, we are excited to share our latest development update covering the features and add-ons compiled over the last couple of months. Our goal was simple: Continuously improve the user experience by exploring and adding features that matter. Tutorial videos, in-depth information in an easy to read format, big buttons and, of course, our merchandise store were all requested by the community. You asked, and we delivered. We appreciate your support and will continue to tweak and improve the user experience you request, while working concurrently on our upcoming ReserveFunding product launch. We are so glad you have chosen to be part of the unFederalReserve community as seek to lower costs of capital for consumers, non-bank lenders and smaller, U.S. Treasury-chartered institutions.

~ Ryan and Howard

Come take a look at our BRAND NEW Merch store for cool unFed swag and apparel, including that signature hat!

Notice anything different? We have updated our homepage to include the Market Overview with our TOTAL SUPPLY and USDC APY!

We have updated our ReserveLending® page to include details on our lending platform as well; specifically

  • Added supply and borrow prior 24hr numbers and percentage change
  • Changed token order to group stablecoin, then feature eRSDL and follow with ETH, WBTC and other altcoins
  • Added percentage change metrics

Please note on the actual lending/borrower platform the token order has been aligned to increase data readability and platform usability.

And then, the most user friendly liquidations and high risk position page in the industry. Just click on a contract and see the components and current fair market values of each side of the transaction. Bots rule the roost when it comes to clearing these things, but you might have a strategy that the bots don’t know.

And last, but certainly not least, take a look at our Product page for all the latest and greatest! One of our favorite pages for beginners. A nice, welcoming intro…

Plain English explanations of how supply and borrow works…

And if watching videos on how to do stuff is your jam, we created a series of simple to follow instructions to get your DeFI journey started…


In just the past two months the unFederalReserve engineering, design and development team have added features, toggles and switches to make your DeFI experience more effective and enjoyable. Enjoy these features and let the team know through its Discord channel if there’s features you’d like to see:




‘Credit vs Cash’ spot market fintech using blockchain protocols. Great liquidity access. Instantaneous settlement. $ersdl #DeFI #middlemarketdefi #uniswap

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‘Credit vs Cash’ spot market fintech using blockchain protocols. Great liquidity access. Instantaneous settlement. $ersdl #DeFI #middlemarketdefi #uniswap

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