#ICYMI — Community AMA Recap from Dec. 15

#ICYMI you can catch up and watch this week’s AMA here: On YouTube

*Popcorn is optional, yet recommended 🍿

AMA Recap

  • Business development update with Sam Yamout (Dir. of Business Dev.)
  • Technical updates with Ryan Medlin (CTO)
  • Mission and vision statements from Howard Krieger (CEO)
  • Future plans
  • Do we plan on bringing on more DeFi focused advisors?
  • Open market purchases discussion and Q&A with Howard Krieger (CEO)
  • Compliance discussion and Q&A
  • ReserveLending B2B Q&A
  • Funds and vaults Q&A

👏🏽 👏🏽A special THANK YOU to all who joined us!👏🏽 👏🏽

We truly appreciate that we had such great questions and engagement from our community. Keep ’em coming, and we look forward to chatting again in Discord for the last AMA of 2021 on Wednesday, December 29, 2021.

Join us on Discord: HERE



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