RE: Residual Token Announces Developer Partner Agreement and New Exchange Listing

Residual Token, Inc d/b/a unFederalReserve (“unFed”) is excited to announce a partnership with San Francisco-based, Pro Webdevelop LLC (“Webdevelop PRO”) and lead developer Vladyslav Tarasenko, CEO. His team has been working tirelessly on new website design, aiming to capture the safe harbor in an open DeFI ocean vision. Webdevelop PRO has been around for over 10 years designing numerous, frequently visited and highly used web sites. “I believe in the unFed team and the project itself,” offered Vlad, “… and we look forward to helping Howard, Ryan and the Community realize its vision.”

unFed leadership could not be happier with the potential benefit this strong partnership will produce. “It’s largely about creating an environment for the user that is safe, easy-to-use, efficient and mildly entertaining,” said unFed Co-Founder, Howard Krieger. “Folks want more than to bang on some keys to get the job done. They want tools that predict their needs, and exceeds expectations in meaningful ways.”

The agreement between Webdevelop PRO and unFed unifies the two entities in three critical areas. One, Webdevelop PRO is obligated to continually provide support and development of the main product application. Two, Webdevelop PRO’s compensation is in unFed’s token, eRSDL, and three, the agreement calls for Webdevelop PRO to stake the compensatory tokens they are receiving as payment. The shared success of both entities is tied to forward progress over the upcoming months and years.

Both parties believe that the relationship will continue beyond the next phase and will continue to grow as success is realized.

In other exciting news on Friday, November 27, 2020 at 12:00am U.S. Pacific time, the eRSDL token began trading on through an eRSDL/USDT trading pair. unFed has been working on key strategic initiatives related to the platform including eRSDL token listings on exchanges worldwide. Over the past few months, we have been working on developing relationships with Asian markets and specifically, the global Chinese speaking diaspora.

We are extremely excited to announce the listing of the eRSDL token on Canadian-based, a new and innovative, fast-growing, community-run digital assets exchange with a strong Chinese-speaking user base.

eRSDL conducted an online Asian community roadshow earlier this month including pitching the token listing committee. That roadshow resulted in eRSDL being the second highest voted for token to be listed on!

eRSDL is being listed on RREx within days of Uni (Uniswap) and LINK (Chainlink). An announcement that was published to the community regarding our project and entitled, “RREx Will Launch eRSDL” can be found here:

We will be adding a Chinese Channel to our Discord server in the coming weeks.

Lastly, but no less important, the unFed community recently concluded a logo contest with over 40 entrants. Amazing talent was on display from the global community, resulting in a tough decision for the judges. So tough, the leadership of unFed is conferring with marketing and design professionals around integrating the more outstanding elements of multiple contest entries! It will be great to see how the new logo and token integrate with the awesome design choices made by the Webdevelop PRO team.

We want to thank all of our community members for sharing this experience with us, and want to encourage you to reach out to each other to discuss what you would like to see out of the project. We encourage you to keep doing your own research and provide us any and all feedback.

About Residual Token, Inc.

Residual, Inc. is a business consulting and fintech solutions provider. They serve the global community’s growing need for advanced consumer finance technology, infrastructure and management. They are a global solutions provider leveraging local, boots on the ground technology, compliance and capital markets experts. Residual, Inc. is headquartered in New Jersey, USA with advisors and staff located in various cities around the world.(



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