ReserveFunding: New Offers For the DeFi Crowd Looking for TradFi

New Offers on ReserveFunding

unFederalReserve is proud to announce its latest ReserveFunding offer: RF Series 2 — Residual Token Convertible Bond

ReserveFunding Series 2 (the “Fund”) is a GP/LP structure organized under the laws of Delaware. The purpose of the fund is to enter into a Convertible Note Agreement with Residual Token, Inc. The details of the bond offering are available in the Documents section.

The Fund is selling LP interests in exchange for USD fiat or USDC and, at the investor’s choosing, a contribution of $eRSDL tokens. For the purposes of allocating distributions across the LP units, eRSDL will have a declared value of $0.50/token regardless of its actual current price. Investors can contribute a total declared value amount of eRSDL up to their fiat or USDC investment. $eRSDL is available for purchase on Uniswap.

The economics for a typical LP investor would look something like:

Draft — For Discussion Purposes Only

In the case of a return of the initial contribution, the count of tokens contributed regardless of differences in the Fund’s declared value for eRSDL and its current market price would be the basis for such return.

When ReserveFunding was first conceived back in 2021, the idea was simple: Enable U.S. crypto high net-worth (“HNW”) individuals’ ability to invest in traditional alternative investments directly from their Metamask, Wallet Connect or Coinbase wallets. This would solve three critical issues.

  1. Open up non-Ethereum price correlated investments to individuals that might have generated and maintain wealth largely in crypto;
  2. Provide an off-ramp into, generally, higher yielding alternative investments that would not require the hodler to handle currency conversion; and
  3. Provide funds a new source of capital and opportunity to educate a brand-new market segment on why traditional alternative investments still matter.

From our prior market research, we knew about 5% of our Twitter eyeballs had self-identified as U.S., accredited investors (a must-have for private investment in the U.S.). See below to observe the same waterfall of information as us:

Source: unFederalReserve Research

If you consider our combined crypto-twitter (“CT”) community of approximately 50,000 followers as covering a global demographic, then 5% is huge compared to the actually percentage of U.S. accredited households. The actually percentage is close to 0.40%. It is therefore pretty incredible that 10x to 12x that percentage are in our ecosystem and available to see and hear of new opportunities to diversify without having to sell their hodlings.

With an understanding that we had the eyeballs, we conquered the objective of offering an opportunity that met our 3 guidelines with our first offering: The Atipana Capital 90-day loan. That opportunity evolved to include fiat and crypto payments / redemptions and ran for the first quarter of 2022.

In fact, the 8% yield those investors realized compares favorably against the -11% ETH drop for the same period.

And with that context once more into the breach, dear friends…

Visitors to the site are welcomed with a visual cue for the new offer:

When the deal is selected, users can scan an overview of the offer, the details behind the investment, risks and see relevant documents. The key for us is the Call To Action (“CTA”) where users showing further interest can select the “Invest Now” for more information.

Specifically, the user is redirected to the sign-up form, so that we can vet their credentials further, open up dialogue with the team to address further questions they have and begin executing the dozens (if not hundreds) of pages of physical documents required to make the investment.

We make sure the site follows the European standard for data privacy since it is slightly stricter than the U.S. version. We presume at some point most data privacy rules will collapse to the most stringent.


If you are a fund interested in displaying your offer on ReserveFunding, then please sign-up by going here and clicking ‘List Your Fund’ at the top of the screen:

If you are U.S. accredited investor, then go to the same place but scroll through the offers you like. We want to hear from you! Please let us know ways we can improve experience.

For years we’ve envisioned a digital world bridging individuals in crypto and fiat and corporations with the same use cases. Please enjoy the other great content we have to offer at Youtube: and through our Medium blog located here:


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