Residual Token, Inc - Roadmap 2022 Update


  • Create permissioned core unContracts (the “Core”) — COMPLETE
  • Create a username/password 2FA interface — COMPLETE
  • Build out ReserveLending+ UI experience — COMPLETE
  • Partner with a broker-dealer to custody the Core — OPEN but darn close
  • Market to KYC’d entities through strategic partnerships with KYC partner platforms. — OPEN and a trickier wicket than once envisioned. Everyone wants their pound of flesh and have it mispriced, lol. We will make something work.
  • Calibration of stablecoin interest rate models to align with metrics — OPEN, our models are good, but utilization is too high. We are going to run an experiment with borrows to see if we can let market forces fix this ratio.
  • Collateral factor review and, for vote, possible adjustments — OPEN, collateral factor adjustments down could force liquidations, so we need to be judicious here. We are in talks with an economist to look at the RL data to see if we can tamp down CFs in a controlled manner.
  • Maintenance, debugging and further documentation — Always OPEN
  • Continued evangelism of market leading APYs — Same.
  • Gathering marketing data on selected fund types — OPEN
  • Creating fund acquisition pipeline from RF entrants — OPEN and ongoing… we have three that we are in various stages of active negotiation with and about three more teasing interest.
  • Maintenance, debugging and further documentation —Ongoing
  • Expand Atipana Opportunity Fund to first TradFi vault — OPEN, end of summer.
  • Design Percent® Aggregator interface per MOU (Memo Of Understanding) allowing users to invest in all Percent® deals —OPEN, they’ve said that digital assets are no longer on their roadmap, but I find that hard to believe. We have a good relationship with those guys and will keep working on the relationship.



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‘Credit vs Cash’ spot market fintech using blockchain protocols. Great liquidity access. Instantaneous settlement. $ersdl #DeFI #middlemarketdefi #uniswap