The Vision of ReserveDAO

ReserveDAO Goals:

  • Buy a U.S. Treasury-chartered bank or a large enough equity interest to have control of the products the bank offers.
  • Maintain healthy liquidity, including short-term liquidity needs for ReserveLending, ReserveFunding, and the upcoming, ReserveB2B.
  • Provide stronger incentives for unFederalReserve ecosystem participants via attractive eRSDL and RSRV Protocol Owned Liquidity tokenomics.
  • Provide more tokenomic options (Protocol Owned Liquidity), market levers, and stability in times of market volatility for our ecosystem.
  • Reduce any perceived risk from our TradFi partners via a strong Treasury liquidity budget for each product in times of market volatility or accelerated growth.
  • Provide greater liquidity reserves for ReserveLending+, ReserveFunding, and RB2B launch bootstrapping, fostering accelerated growth in 2022.
  • We all know a bigger and cost-efficient “war chest” de-risks a start-up’s ability to execute for larger and more traditional finance customers.

What is Protocol Owned Liquidity Tokenomics?

ReserveDAO Governance and Why Another Token is Needed

ReserveDAO Treasury — Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provide incentive to RSRV stakers for the marketing and sentiment of the unFederalReserve ecosystem.
  • Provide the treasury-backed value for RSRV token.
  • Absorb short-term illiquidity via bonding unTokens.
  • Provide additional market options via the selling of bonds such as eRSDL bonds in times of market volatility or in general.
  • Provide additional eRSDL incentives, liquidity, and support by providing a % of the Treasury and Bond revenue directly to the unFederalReserve treasury to be allocated according to eRSDL governance.

Ecosystem Treasury

Revenue Flow of Funds in the ReserveDAO Ecosystem

  • Revenue is generated from all five unFederalReserve products ReserveLending, ReserveFunding, ReserveLending+, ReserveDAO and ReserveB2B.
  • A portion of that revenue fuels the eRSDL license fee tokenomics. (see also:
  • Revenue from ReserveDAO Bond sales will be used to support liquidity for the other unFederalReserve products and to pay its licensing fee (supporting the eRSDL tokenomics).

Role of Governance Tokens

  • Provide governance around product decisions, for instance:
  • ReserveLending decisions around collateral factors, interest rate models and settings, new tokens to add, and other product feature decisions.
  • ReserveFunding decisions around fund types to have the platform support.
  • RB2B decisions around entity types to participate or additional sponsor banks to support.
  • Provide governance around unFederalReserve Treasury decisions such as treasury allocations to the ReserveDAO treasury, community incentives, marketing, and partnerships.
  • Provide governance around unFederalReserve Company decisions such as partnerships, mergers, and other general eRSDL Ecosystem decisions.

Governance decisions for RSRV holders:

  • The specific direction of ReserveDAO in terms of products to support or parameter adjustments
  • Provide governance around allocations to the unFederalReserve treasury, community incentives, marketing, and partnerships.

DAO Structure

  1. Forming a Wyoming DAO (
  2. Transferring the entirety of ReserveDAO control to the RSRV token holders at a strength of one RSRV per vote.

How eRSDL Tokenomics and RSRV are Integrated in the Ecosystem

Benefits to eRSDL Holders

Benefits for ReserveLending

  • Strengthen the efficiency, safety, and growth story of the ReserveLending platform to our customers.
  • Promoting a stronger TVL for ReserveLending whose liquidity would provide flexibility for the company in terms of liquidity in times of market volatility (aka bank runs) or even better yet in times of opportunity that would warrant an additional spike of resources. Once Ethereum-based TVL is meeting a yet-to-be-determined healthy baseline for a healthy platform and more treasury revenue is established, we will be ready for applying resources in early Q1 for the first EVM-compatible ETH alternative (Avax of Fantom). ReserveFunding and RB2B products are always a priority from a resource standpoint, however.

Benefits for ReserveFunding

Benefits for RB2B

Pre-Launch including the Treasury Bootstrapping Phase

  • Utilize the community to spread the word about the innovative tokenomics and upcoming Treasury bootstrapping event.
  • Build a strong governance community around RSRV, building knowledge and a path forward on the Launch Bonds and equivalent tokenomics settings to ensure safety, the success of the Treasury Bootstrapping event, and continued growth of RSRV holders.
  • Increase exposure and sentiment around the unFederalReserve ecosystem and suite of products both from the DeFi and TradFi communities both on and offline.
  • Migrate liquidity from existing exchanges to Treasury
  • Time-to-time treasury token sales, or
  • Supply and/or borrow on ReserveLending

Ongoing DeFi Ecosystem Discussions

Launch Phase

Initial Bond Assets

  • USDC: While we love MIM, we are working with USA-based stablecoin partners.
  • unUSDC/unDAI/unUSDT (these represent ACTUAL stable coin-backed value at approximately a 50 to 1 ratio).
  • Partners TBD. Let us know what you think!

What’s coming in the following weeks IF voting passes

Sample Timeline (Subject to Change)


  • Detailed Article on Whitelist program and structure. The whitelist program begins now however
  • A detailed article on Treasury Bootstrapping events including use of funds allocation percentages. Tokens beyond USDC allowed.

Week 2–3

  • Detailed Article on Treasury revenue flows in between ReserveDAO treasury and Company treasury and governance mechanics.

Week 3–4

  • Wallet to collect USDC

Week 4–5

  • RSRV token distribution

Week 5–6

  • Live staking and bonding

Late Q3

  • Forked wrapped and launch wrapped RSRV (wRSRV)


  • Claim and autostake





‘Credit vs Cash’ spot market fintech using blockchain protocols. Great liquidity access. Instantaneous settlement. $ersdl #DeFI #middlemarketdefi #uniswap

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‘Credit vs Cash’ spot market fintech using blockchain protocols. Great liquidity access. Instantaneous settlement. $ersdl #DeFI #middlemarketdefi #uniswap

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