Why Decentralized Products Benefit from Know-Your-Customer: unFederalReserve integrates with Securitize iD

unfederalreserve and securitize

unFederalReserve + Securitize

  1. Fast and Unique Verification: Securitize iD allows users to complete identity verification in a one-time process that can be carried out in minutes. They can then reuse their identity, ensuring consistency in their records and user satisfaction.
  2. KYC for Individuals: Securitize iD supports a high-grade investor KYC which includes selfie identity and government-issued photo identification (ID).
  3. Entity KYB: Securitize iD supports verification of businesses, complying with all the requirements of Knowing Your Business, including but not limited to, ultimate beneficial owners, organization incorporation documents, and KYC of legal signers.
  4. API First: Securitize iD can connect with any platform to integrate a KYC/KYB verification flow easily with any business’s current processes.
  5. Ongoing Monitoring — Nightly Screening: A nightly screening is conducted on all users that have been onboarded through Securitize iD. Users are screened against various domestic and foreign government sanction watchlists, including OFAC, European Union, Interpol, and more.
  6. ‌Ongoing Monitoring — Documentation Review: Securitize iD keeps the user’s documentation valid and up to date by automatically prompting users to upload a new government-issued photo ID, should it expire.

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