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Martine Niejadlik, former Chief Compliance Officer at Coinbase® brings over 25 years of experience leading risk and compliance management solutions for financial institutions and payment leaders across the Web. Most recently Martine acted as advisor to Dapper Labs, the company behind CryptoKitties. Prior to these appointments, Martine held a variety of positions in the areas of risk, compliance and customer support for Boku, Inc., PayPal, eBay and Amazon. She was one of the early lead developers of the FICO credit score system, a standard-bearer for measuring consumer risk in U.S. markets. Martine holds a B.S. in Statistics from the University…

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🤝Make new friends, but keep the old — one is silver and the other’s gold.
unFederalReserve and Percent are officially in the Friend Zone! 🔄 🤝

Started around the same time as unFederalReserve three years ago, Percent was built with the mindset that every person deserves to create a financial future for themselves that they can control. Minority-owned and operated, Percent has issued more than $350M volume of notes and was founded “on the belief that investing in alternative investments should be more transparent, more accessible, and more liquid than ever before.” …

⚖️ It is the role of the unFederalReserve team to facilitate a stable lending and borrowing environment. One that encourages healthy risk-based pricing activity. The reality is DeFI platforms are constantly subject to games meant to exploit any and all economic risks. The challenge is to figure out how to correct for those risks without inadvertently doing more harm than good. Advising the community so that they can think through and adjust their personal strategies, and have enough time to begin implementation is critical. ⚖️

Timing Change and Magnitude

Over the coming weeks, we will be making adjustments to collateral…

We reached out to our community and asked unFed Agents to vote for which token they want to see added to the ReserveLending platform.

Your Vote Matters

🗣 The people have spoken 🗣 and overwhelmingly sang the praises of Polygon’s $MATIC token.

Your voice has been heard — we hear the people sing! 🎵

As a new token listing, it will start with a 0% collateral factor and no borrows allowed. The collateral factor will be zero for just the first few weeks, and then ramped up, along with the borrow rate, over time. …

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We are beyond thrilled to welcome Nick D’Angelo to the advisory team, who adds more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Most recently, Nick worked at Wells Fargo and served as the COO/Chief of Staff for multiple divisions including Structured Credit Products, Asset Backed Finance Sales and Trading, Market/Counterparty/Liquidity Risk, and Regulatory Relations. Nick was responsible for developing and implementing divisional strategic plans, managing department project portfolios, building and re-engineering risk management programs, optimizing organizational development activities, interfacing with regulators, and resolving numerous complex regulatory issues. Nick graduated Summa Cum Laude from Virginia Tech…

Following much anticipation, this week’s Town Hall featured Ryan Medlin, CTO of unFederalReserve. Ryan has been working tirelessly behind the scenes on all of the technical API’s, Dev and blockchain work. Having Ryan at the helm this week was a privilege, as he provided a unique look into the DEV updates for unFederalReserve, and laid out the tech strategy for the project moving forward.

In this recap, we will be breaking down some of the exciting technical updates for unFederalReserve, and what each of these updates may mean for the project.

Let’s dive in:

The town hall began by highlighting…

ANNOUNCEMENT: $eRSDL is live on Bancor!

Mere hours after an initial investment of 100,000 $BNT was matched with 1.5 million $eRSDL, the pool generated $800,000 in liquidity and is filled to the brim on the $eRSDL side — making it one of the fastest liquidity pools ever filled. Due to this electric speed and the overwhelming success of this launch (causing there to be no more room in the pool), Bancor is already looking to increase their investment and add even more $BNT into the pool.

The Bancor exchange can now be used for swapping tokens to and from $eRSDL.

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This week’s town hall was jam-packed with several surprising announcements, creating a buzz within the unFederal social community (and rightfully so). Over the last two weeks, unFederalReserve leadership made various key moves to strategically place the team into a position for long-term success.

A 30-minute time limit (once again) could not contain all of the exciting progress updates provided by Howard Krieger. That is why this recap is here: to break down some of the key highlights and what each could mean for the project.

Let’s dive in:

Safety = Value

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August 9, 2021: Lots of exciting new developments happening at unFederalReserve

Dear eRSDL community members, we are excited to share our latest development update covering the features and add-ons compiled over the last couple of months. Our goal was simple: Continuously improve the user experience by exploring and adding features that matter. Tutorial videos, in-depth information in an easy to read format, big buttons and, of course, our merchandise store were all requested by the community. You asked, and we delivered. We appreciate your support and will continue to tweak and improve the user experience you request, while working concurrently on our upcoming ReserveFunding product launch. We are…

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To kick off the week Monday morning, Howard Krieger sat down for a Telegram-based AMA with KuCoin’s Steve Baillie to answer some of unFederalReserve’s top questions from both the unFed and KuCoin community.

These questions came from the Twitter community and the top 10 were selected. As usual, Howard demonstrated both his passion and expertise of the financial sector as he eased the minds of loyal unFederal agents by answering questions. He also painted a picture for what is to come for the B2B lending defi project.

Let’s dive into some of those questions and…


‘Credit vs Cash’ spot market fintech using blockchain protocols. Great liquidity access. Instantaneous settlement. $ersdl #DeFI #middlemarketdefi #uniswap

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